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Members' Gallery

Online PSNM members are listed alphabetically. Click on any name below to visit their websites. PSNM after a name denotes the artist has attained Signature Membership and PSNM/DP denotes the additional Distinguished PSNM Pastelist status.

All images are copyrighted by the artist and may not be reproduced without express written permission.

Visitors, please note: if you are interested in purchasing art work or obtaining further information about an artist or a painting, please contact the artist directly via the email address provided on their web page. Also, our members have been alerted to the possibility that there are "scammers" who might contact them. PSNM has provided members with information about how to report these incidents to the proper authorities and to online art scam alert lists.

Depy Adams, PSNM

Donna Aldrich, PSNM

Janet Shaw Amtmann, PSNM

Patti Arbino, PSNM

Diane Arenberg, PSNM

Carol Ast

Giuliana Aubert

Alexandrine Bartlett, PSNM

Bonnie Berget

Laverne Bohlin

Lyle H. Brown, PSNM

Susan Burden

Lyn Canham

Patricia Catlett

Sara Chambers, PSNM

Barbara Churchley

Tobi Clement

Chris Cook

Christopher Copeland

Nancy J. Davis, PSNM

John Philbin Dolan, PSNM/DP

Marilyn Drake, PSNM

Terry Lawson Dunn, PSNM

Vicki Duron

Charles "Bud" Edmondson, PSNM/DP

Janis Ellison, PSNM

Fritz Engelhardt

Diane Fechenbach


Judy Felsen, PSNM

Patricia Rose Ford


Terri Ford, PSNM/DP

Susan Foster


Cindy Fry

Gaye Garrison, PSNM

Elizabeth Greenlee, PSNM

Leila Hall, PSNM

Karen Henneck

Katherine Irish, PSNM

Natasha Isenhour, PSNM

Kathleen M. Jackson, PSNM

Lyn Jensen

Sharon Jensen, PSNM

Michael Chesley Johnson, PSNM


Rosemary Juskevich

Vasili Katakis, PSNM

Jakki Kouffman, PSNM

Vicki Leahy

Anna Lisa Leal

Betty Lehnus, PSNM

Kathryn Lein

Patsy Lindamood, PSNM

Panola Lisle

Margi Lucena, PSNM/DP

Jane Maclean, PSNM

Mike Mahon, PSNM

Jody Martin

Vic Mastis

Maryann McGraw, PSNM

Nance McManus, PSNM

Lee McVey, PSNM/DP

Bonnie Mitisek


Janice Parker Muir, PSNM

Renée Mullis

Paul Murray, PSNM/DP


Juanita Nelson

Joan Norris

Paula O'Neil, PSNM

Gary Ozias


Matthew J. Peake, PSNM

Sally Prince, PSNM

Elizabeth Rhoades, PSNM


Susan E. Roden, PSNM/DP

Dr. Rita V Rogan

Letty Roller

Janice St. Marie, PSNM

Valorie Sams

Bob Santandrea

Melody Sears

Gaye Sekula

Nancy Silvia, PSNM

Colette Odya Smith, PSNM/DP

Neva Smoll

Dierdre Stoneking

Nicholas Tesluk, PSNM


Nori Thorne


Lorraine Trenholm, PSNM


Toni Treverton

Cynthia Underwood

Virginia Unseld


Carol Strock Wasson

Marilyn Wightman, PSNM

Gwen Wilemon

Wendy Wilkerson

Bonnie Williams, PSNM


Enid Wood, PSNM

Donna Yeager, PSNM




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