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National Show
2005 - 14th Annual Exhibition
Congratulations to all the winners!

Sunstruck by Betsy Greenlee
First Place
Betsy Greenlee

Crowded Market by Bill Baker
Second Place
"Crowded Market"
Bill Baker
Skates by Beverly Nichols
Third Place
Beverly Nichols
Lobster Buoys by Jill Tristram
Fourth Place
"Lobster Buoys"
Jill Tristram
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National Exhibition Catalog

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Read about the Judge - Doug Dawson
and Jurors - Gil Dellinger
Sally Strand - Eric Michaels

Click on the linked title to view the award-winning paintings in color. Image opens in a new window.

  • PSNM First Place Award, $1,200, Betsy Greenlee, Sunstruck
  • PSNM Second Place Award, $1,000, Bill Baker, Crowded Market
  • PSNM Third Place Award, $750, Beverly Nichols, Skates
  • PSNM Fourth Place Award, $500, Jill Tristram, Lobster Buoys
  • Plein Air Magazine, Certificate, Bill James, Yellow Maple
  • Winsor & Newton Award, 120 pc. pastel set , Paul Murray, Ante Meridian
  • Nancy Singleton Memorial, Check, Lori A. Snable, In the Night Kitchen
  • Frank Federico Award, Workshop Certificate, Rita Kirkman, Safe Haven
  • Jack Richeson & Co., Certificate for pastel set, Mary Beth Goforth, Reflections of the Soul
  • Daler-Rowney Award, Gift Certificate, Sarah Blumenschein, Sunflowers and Chiles
  • Dakota Art Pastels, Schminke pastel 45 pc. set, Ruth Hussey, October Hues
  • Great American Art Works, 78 pc. pastel set, Jeanine Allen, Santo Domingo Black Bowl and Mangoes
  • PSNM - In Memorium, Check, Cathy Locke, Sunset on Czar's Grave
  • Framing Concepts Award, Gift Certificate, Nora de Aragon, Gladiolus
  • Wingspread Guides of New Mexico, Check, Marlene Steele, Male Torso
  • Terry Ludwig Studios, 85 pc. pastel set, Rebecca Koeppen, Lonesome Paintbrush
  • Girault Pastels Award, 50 pc. pastel set, Gaye Garrison, Winter Water
  • New Mexico Watercolor Society, Check, William Schneider, Ballerina
  • Harwood Art Center, Certificate - Workshop, Peggy Nichols, The Korai Series: Aphrodite
  • Judson's Plein Air Outfitters, Guerilla Painter Pochade Box, Donna Yeager, Tucson Landscape
  • Wallis Paper Company, Certificate, Sonja Brown, Irene
  • Airfloat Systems, Inc., Certificate, Jerry Power, Peterson View
  • PSNM Officer's People's Choice Award $100, Mary Beth Goforth, Reflections of the Soul
  • Mt. Vision Pastel Company, 50 pc. pastel set, Matthew J. Peake, Prairie Longing
  • Artist Mercantile, 30 pc. Schminke pastel set , Karen Cooper, Wheel of Fortune
  • Armadillo Art & Craft, 30 pc. Art Spectrum pastel set & Colourfix paper, Tonya Carpenter, Tatoo Muse
  • Ampersand Art Supply (pastel panels) & F&W Publications (Artist's Magazine subscription), June Holloway, Morgan
  • Karen Cooper & Dwight Barnett (Check) & The Pastel Journal (Subscription), David Notor, Spring Runoff
  • Artisan / Santa Fe (Certificate) and F&W Publications (Watercolor Magic Magazine subscription), Stephanie Birdsall, Two Pears and a Rose
  • Color Q LLC (Gift Certificate) / International Artist Magazine (Subscription), Lorie Merfeld-Batson, Custer County Clouds
  • Color Q LLC (Gift Certificate) / The Pastel Journal (Subscription), Janis Lacey Ellison, Lupine Wins
  • Cheap Joe's (Gift Certificate) / Diane Townsend Pastels (12 pc Set of Pastels), Terri Ford, Steeples of Clifden
  • Bardean Gallery (Check) / Dick Blick (Gift Certificate), Jane Chilton, Los Gigantes
  • HK Holbein, Inc. (48 Pastel Set & Book), Jerry Power, Harbor Springs
  • Pastel Society of America (Check) / The Pastel Journal (Subscription), Lee McVey, Pink Clouds Over the Bosque
  • The Pastel Journal (Check & Subscription), Nance McManus, Prophet 702
  • Carr Imaging (Gift Certificate) / F & W Publications (The Pastel Journal Subscription), Tonya Carpenter, Serena
  • Pastel Society of the West Coast (Check), JoAnne Kennedy, Snow Blues
  • Langell's Art Supply (Gift Certificate) / The Pastel Journal (GC for North Light Books), Suzanne Owens, High Country Summer
  • Graphik Dimensions Ltd. (Two Frames), Lucille Carter, Apples of My Eye
  • O'Malley Glass Company (Gift Certificate), Diane Arenberg, Complements of Mother Nature
  • Robert Rohm (Oil and Pastel Workshop DVDs) Rebecca Koeppen, Evidence
  • Robert Rohm (Oil and Pastel Workshop DVDs), Sandra Abruzzo, Beach Boyz
  • Rio Grande Art Association (Check), Lorie Merfeld-Batson, Wild Bill

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