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Signature Members

Members who have achieved certain criteria of artistic excellence may become Signature Members and are allowed to use “PSNM” as part of their signature on paintings. Distinguished PSNM Pastelists are those Signature Members who have accrued additional points for various achievements.

Distinguished PSNM Pastelists
Sarah Blumenschein, John Philbin Dolan, Bud Edmondson, Terri Ford, Margi Lucena, Lee McVey,
Paul Murray, Susan E. Roden, Colette Odya Smith

Depy Adams
Sharon Adamy
Donna Aldrich
Jeanine Allen
Teruyo Allen
Janet Shaw Amtmann
Patti Arbino
Diane Arenberg
Alexandrine Bartlett
Susan Brooke
Lyle Brown
Sheridan Brown
Bill Canright
Sara Chambers
Annie Chirieleison
Nancy J. Davis
Nora deAragon
Marilyn Drake
Terry Lawson Dunn
Janis Ellison
Judy Felsen
Lynett Fink

Collin Fry
Gaye Garrison
Betsy Greenlee
Leila Hall
Katherine Irish
Natasha Isenhour
Kathleen Jackson
Sharon Jensen
Michael Chesley Johnson
Mimi Jungbluth
Vasili Katakis
JoAnne Kennedy
Susu Knight
Rebecca Koeppen
Jakki Kouffman
Betty Lehnus
Patsy Lindamood
Jane Maclean
Mike Mahon
Jane McGovern
Maryann McGraw
Nance McManus

Fred Miller
Hazel Monzingo
Janice Parker Muir
Fran Odum
Paula O’Neil
Irene Pagan
Matthew Peake
Sally Prince
Elizabeth Rhoades
Nancy Silvia
Enid Sorenson
Janice St. Marie
Nicholas Tesluk
Betty Tichich
Lorraine Trenholm
Donna Van Leer
Marilyn Wightman
Bonnie (Yvonne) Williams
Enid Wood
Donna Yeager
Fred Yost
Seung Youn


Signature Membership

How to Achieve Signature Membership

PSNM members may achieve Signature Membership upon accumulating 12 points, as follows:

  • 3 points for having one or more paintings accepted into the PSNM National Exhibition,
    plus the following points for each award received:
    • 5 points for first place
    • 4 points for second place
    • 3 points for third place
    • 2 points for fourth place, and
    • 1 point for any other award
    Points must be accrued within the previous eight consecutive years.

Artists are responsible for contacting the current Signature Membership Committee Chair when 12 points have been accrued, provided they were members of PSNM at the time their paintings were entered into the show. They must send copies of the relevant National Show catalog and/or award sheet inserts or other proof of eligibility. Artists who become eligible as a result of being accepted into the current show should provide all pertinent material to the Signature Membership Committee Chair as soon as possible.

Contact Nance McManus, the PSNM Signature Membership chair, at

More details regarding Signature Membership and Distinguished PSNM Pastelist can be found on pages 5 and 6 in PSNM Policies & Procedures.



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